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Personalised creations

Monsieurcruz also creates personalised portraits: these are unique images that portray a model in a unique world, time and context.

There are several stages in the creation process:


step 1: a meeting (on location or by telephone) with the model; during this meeting, we discuss the world, the era and the spirit in which the model would like to be portrayed: at this point, anything is possible.


stage 2: a shot of the model's face from different angles. This shot will serve as the starting point for

This work can also be done remotely.


stage 3: research and creation of the setting; this is the longest stage, during which Monsieurcruz

will create and imagine a unique image of the person who will be staged in the context chosen during stage 1.


These images can then be printed on rigid media, are in very high definition and can be printed on rigid media in very large formats.

to order personalized images or for further informations please contact : 

examples of personalised creations

16-9e jlc3131_Full_body_of_a_40_years_man_jumping__surrounded_by_exot_7fdb11a2-dd94-4eaf-8
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