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Personalised creations

Monsieurcruz also creates personalized portraits: one-of-a-kind images featuring a model in a unique world, time and context.

The creative process takes place in several stages:


step 1: a meeting (on site or by telephone) with the model; during this meeting, we discuss the world, era and spirit in which the model wishes to be portrayed: at this stage, anything is possible.


step 2: a shot of the model's face from different angles. This is the starting point for the project.

This work can also be carried out remotely.


step 3: research and creation of the set; this is the longest step, during which we create and imagine a unique image of the person to be staged in the context chosen in step 1.


These images are created in high definition and can then be printed on large-format rigid media.


to order personalized images or for further informations please contact : 

examples of personalised creations

16-9e jlc3131_Full_body_of_a_40_years_man_jumping__surrounded_by_exot_7fdb11a2-dd94-4eaf-8
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