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Perfidious Albinos in Albion #13.jpg

Tax optimisation

(Companies and individuals in France only) 🇫🇷

Purchasing works of art undoubtedly offers the greatest tax advantages.

Purchasing works of art is a major way of benefiting from tax advantages. Whether you are a company, a liberal profession or an individual, you all have the opportunity to make this profitable and advantageous investment. The art world is brimming with treasures that are tax-free!


"Contrary to popular belief, buying works of art is not just for the elite. Here's the proof..."

Tax relief on works of art for companies :

Whatever the size of your company, you can acquire original works by living artists at attractive prices. Since 1985, purchases of works of art by French companies can be deducted from their taxable profits.


Investing in art can serve several purposes:

Boost your brand image by sponsoring a living artist.

Add a decorative touch to your establishment with tailor-made creations.

Combine business with pleasure: give yourself a treat and save on tax!

Tax deductions are available subject to certain conditions, in particular that the works must be exhibited in a place accessible to customers and/or company employees for a period of 5 years. How does it work? Buy original works by living artists and record them as fixed assets, enabling you to deduct an amount equal to the purchase price from your profits for the year of acquisition and the following four years, in equal instalments, up to a limit of 5 per thousand of your sales excluding VAT.

Tax relief on works of art for private individuals :

The benefits of investing in art are not limited to businesses. Whether you are subject to wealth tax or not, investing in works of art today offers the greatest tax advantages. Whether you buy and resell or own and pass on, art sponsorship is governed by highly advantageous tax laws.

The advantages include :

- Exemption from wealth tax

- Advantageous taxation of capital gains

- Transfer of assets

- Dation of certain taxes

- Exemption from capital gains tax after 12 years

Ask your accountant
or consult the following French government resources :

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