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My name is Monsieurcruz

Behind the name Monsieurcruz lies a passion for visual art. 

After classical studies at the Beaux-Arts, he chose to devote himself to advertising graphics.

However, his thirst for experimentation quickly drew him into the field of video, where he has produced numerous clips, advertisements and fashion images.


A decisive professional encounter led him to travel the globe, capturing images in various countries:

Russia, Norway, North Korea, Ethiopia, Angola, South Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Burkina Faso, Iran, USA, Brazil...

These extensive travels fueled his creative drive and sparked his interest in other media, notably digital imaging and artificial intelligence.

Thanks to this new palette of expression, Monsieurcruz was able to experiment with an innovative approach to artistic creation, bringing to life the images that germinated in his mind. He drew inspiration from all his travel experiences, and chose to design singular compositions with careful color and light, imbued with paradox.

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