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My name is Monsieurcruz

Behind the name Monsieurcruz lies a true devotee of the visual arts, an artist whose heart beats to the rhythm of creation. His sensitivity and talent showed promise of great things as early as his classical studies at the Beaux-Arts. But it was into the world of advertising graphics that he first plunged, captivated by the idea of marrying art and communication.

However, Mr. Cruz's thirst for experimentation was insatiable. He quickly turned to video, a medium where he could give free rein to his overflowing imagination. In this new space, he created numerous clips, commercials and fashion images, each more inspired than the last.

A decisive professional encounter was the catalyst for an extraordinary adventure, taking him to the four corners of the globe. Russia, Norway, North Korea, Ethiopia, Angola, South Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Burkina Faso, Iran, USA, Brazil... Each country, each face, each culture has nourished his imagination and creativity, inspiring him to explore ever-expanding horizons.

These journeys were much more than mere geographical displacements. They have been inner pilgrimages, inexhaustible sources of inspiration that have prompted Monsieurcruz to take an interest in other forms of expression. He plunged into the world of digital imaging and artificial intelligence, enriching his creative palette with these new tools.

Thanks to this new approach, Monsieurcruz was able to experiment with innovative methods of artistic creation. The images germinating in his mind now came to life with renewed intensity. Inspired by his countless travel experiences, he created unique compositions, in which every color and light is carefully chosen. His works are imbued with paradoxes, blending softness and intensity, simplicity and complexity, to create visual universes of great richness.

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